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  bamboo toothpick
  tea set
  bamboo charcoal products
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  environmental saucer
  bamboo weaving
  mosquito sandalwood

  AnJi Foreign Trading CO.,LTD is a specialty stand company authorized by National Foreign Trade Department. It has a fixed asset of 7.98 million Yuan. It's a colligated foreign trade company of various products for export. It mainly does business with commodities and technique except 16 kind of national organized exported commodity and 14 kind of national ratified imported commodity, It also provide manufacture service with imported material, foreign trade and entrepot trade.
  We mainly deal in the following commodities: bamboo products series including bamboo chopstick, bamboo mat, bamboo broom, bamboo fence, bamboo pole, bamboo parcel, bamboo charcoal, etc. Bamboo new shoot series as boiled bamboo new shoot and fresh bamboo new shoot.wooden products, office chairs, auto fittings, apparel, caps, silk products, office utensil and industry tools.
  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in any of our products, We're looking forward to get long last cooperation with you sincerely for mutual benefit.

AddSouth Tianmu Rood,AnJi County,ZheJiang province,P.R.C.
Fax+86-572-5021393    +86-572-5034411
manager:Mr Zhou

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