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  AnJi is well-known as China Bamboo Town. It has 573.15square meters of bamboo forest area. It takes 51.27% of the whole bamboo area in China. Among those the Mao Bamboo takes 77.68% in China with an area of 445.20 square meters . and the whole quantity is 1.4 billion branches. It produces 18 million branches of commodity bamboo. The bamboo area of AnJi has taken the 1 st place in China based on a county unit, and the commodity bamboo output is 1/10 of that in the whole China.
   Our company has built an advanced manufacture and trade network in various Mao bamboo products processing area. There're nearly 60 of bamboo chopstick manufacturers have been our suppliers in China. Although we have other fixed suppliers of each kinds of products under our management. We have buyers with long last business relationship in Japan, America, France, Australia, South Korea, TaiWan and HongKong.
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